Many people have discolored teeth due to the darker tissue on their teeth. Dentin can become exposed as the outer layer of enamel is worn away by the effects of aging. Here at Bhatia Orthodontics we are proud to assist patients in Wailuku, HI to get rid of stains and discolorations.

The tooth’s enamel becomes discolored naturally. Products such as coffee, tea, berries, and soy sauce turn your beautiful white teeth to another color as well. Traumatic injuries, medications, and fluorosis can cause stains too. Typically, it begins inside the tooth, so brushing and flossing don’t help to clean it.

More and more people are choosing tooth-whitening treatments to reverse the effects of food, tobacco stains, and aging daily.

There are commercial products available that help remove stains and make your teeth a few shades brighter. However, these products are not able to wear away tooth enamel.

If you have any questions regarding stained and discolored teeth, contact us today.