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“Dr. Bhatia is very professional and at the same time personal. I appreciate that she takes the time to go over all the process of the orthodontic work she will be doing for my husband and my son. She takes the time to talk to my son and ask about his day. Little details that make you feel welcome and secure in that you are taken care of. The visits are always pleasant and time efficient! Her staff is always welcoming and prompt.”

“I took my cousin because she really wanted braces and the first time meeting and discussing she ended up having time to put her braces on that day. Every visit is efficient and fast. The doctor and staff are really nice and understanding. Overall I would highly recommend if you or your kids or anyone in your family that wants/needs braces come check them out.”

“Excellent experience and would do it all over again! Bright, positive environment and staff, great location, and wonderful professionalism. I have more confidence in doing something like this for myself!” – Jeff H., Invisalign®

“My new smile gives me new confidence in my career. It is an accessory that never goes out of style – and I owe it to Dr. Bhatia! I smile a lot bigger since I have straight teeth. I feel more confident… it’s great!”
“My daughter loves her orthodontic visits with Dr. Bhatia. She makes it fun and her passion for her job makes it easy to trust her!”
“My son loves to visit Dr. Bhatia because they share a common love for dogs. Her chocolate lab, Micah, is a pleasure to hang out with at her office. Dr. Bhatia’s caring ways are very obvious all “through her office!
“My daughter’s new smile makes me cry with joy. Dr. Bhatia helped make this happen with her talent with Teen Invisalign®!”

“My new smile makes me want to dance like no one is watching! Thank you Dr. Bhatia!”
“Dr. Bhatia treated both my children. She offers a bright, positive environment, a great location and wonderful professionalism. And best of all my kids have a great smile!”
“Dr. Bhatia was the only orthodontist on Maui willing to treat me with Teen Invisalign®. I was able to straighten my teeth without anyone even knowing about it. She made it so easy and fun!”
“My daughter was a very shy teenager and would not smile because of her crooked teeth. Using Teen Invisalign®, Dr. Bhatia fixed her smile and now she can’t stop smiling!”
“My kids loved going in to get their teeth straightened with Dr. Bhatia. Her caring attitude is apparent in everything she does and says. They both have a great smile now and I am ever so grateful to her for making it a positive experience for them!”

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